Knit away

I am a fan of Knitting.  I am working on a pair of socks right now, and the hardest thing I find in making a pair of socks is turning the heel.  I turned another one to day.  I find it a most enjoyable experience because it is a good feeling being able to say that the sock is almost done.  I now must form the instep and finish the foot and toe.  I will post pics of my competed socks and some info in good places to buy patterns.  I love to knit and wish to enspire others of all ages to take up the hobby, for a stressed out person can always find calm in the rythem of knitting needles.

 I shop for my sock yarn at Bonnie’s Spinning Weel in St. Cloud MN.  I find she has a great selection of both regular yarn and sock yarn.  If I have questions I feel she is good at answering them.  I always check there before I look at the other craft stores around. 

Until the socks are done, knit on.


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