Johnny’s Mad Hatter’s Hat

For Halloween I am creating the costums for the Mad Hatter, Alice, the Red Queen and the White Queen.  I have the Hatter’s hat finished, and I think it looks pretty good. 

So what I did was, take a nasty lime green, old hat that was released as a hatter’s hat years ago and I covered it. 

I cut and pieced together pieces of green satin that matched the color I was going for, a hunter green (found at Wal-mart in the fabric department), then I took a two yard piece of pink satin cut it to a 12×72 inch piece and tied it around the bace of the hat.  Taking a large piece of lace, about 36×54 inches, I placed it over the hat and allowed it to drape down about two inches and cut it into a circle.  Then taking the sash and loosening it I arranged the lace so it covered the hat to the brim and tightened the sash.  Triming the edges to look ratted and end at the brim of the hat.  I added four hat pins and a peacock feather I had.  Lastly I typed and printed the sign “In This Style 10/6” taking the hat pins I secured the sign and the hat is complete.

Mel is going to look so good dressed as the hatter.  I also think she is excited about the hat.  Tell me what you think.


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