adding a sculpture can make the garden look complete

Sometimes it is finding the right sculpture that will bring a garden together.  It is all a matter of what the theme of the garden is.  It depends also on the size of the garden.  I find it can be anything from a tall woman from greece or rome, like Ophelia, or Athena, to a simple grape boy, or even just a broken plate or small gazibo can bring balance and completion to a garden.  Below I have some pics of great ways to finish a garden with sculptures, first is Ophelia, a stature I found at a garden place in Sauk Center, MN, Tree Top Nursery.

next is grape boy, he is hard to see but that also adds to the beauty of the garden.

and finally, even an arch way or corner latus structure with a simple bird bath can give the garden just what it needs to look finished.

I have other statues in the gardens that help the gardes look complete and then give them a finished look that makes some poeple very envious of the gardens one has, just try to keep the garden weeded and in good shape.   Once that is done adding the right startue can give the perfect finishing touches to any garden.


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