The Tudor Gown

This Tudor style dress uses some typical styles of the times with some more creative methods of lacing it up.  First I decided to lace it up on the sides rather than the back because then the ties would be hidden and would allow for a different look.

This style also allowed for the size to range from a 14 to possibly up to 20.  This allows for the dress to be worn by multiple people and still look just as great.

I find it very important to wear jewelery, this is important because in the time period jewelery was a sign of wealth, and this gown is a wealthy womans gown.  I do find that one does not have to go over board on the bling though to show that there is “wealth in the family”.  I went to Wal-mart and looked through the beads and found a charming amulet, (however any craft place will sufice, I just happent ot find this one at Wal-mart).  I added it to a chain and instantly I had bling for a tudorian gown.

Lastly there was one last tricky part of this gown, and that was the sleeves.  They were tricky because of the amount of time I had to put in to them.  They are a puff sleeve as I call it, where the inner layer of fabric is puffed out through the outer layer.  It is a style worn by the great Queens of the Tudor period including, but not limited to Anne Boleyn, and Jane Seymour.  They are difficult but the end result is beautiful.

With all the added details the lady in the gown may be asked, as I was several times, if she is a member of the royal court.  It pleased me to know that the dress passed the royalty test and may be worn again as just that a royalty gown.  I am looking forward to the next fair, the dress I made was a great hit and to show you the beauty of the dress a jepeg, just can’t contain it’s true glamor, but I will give it a try.

there will be more gowns on the way in January, they will be for sale.


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