The New Year is Almost Here!

I am very excited for the new year.  I have been gathering the fabric for three new costums I plan on selling.  I will keep updating my blog as they grow closer to being completed.

I find myself looking to the portrats of the wives of Henry VIII to find clothing styles that are time period correct.  I am working on three of the styles, one will be similar to the style of Catherine of Aragon, another will resemble the stlyes of Anne Boleyn, and the last I will attempt for the look of Jane Seymour.  The stlyes are all very alike yet have some rather distinct varyations.  I am looking forward to the English Hood that Jane and Catherine wore.  Though they are different in style the basic form of the two is simliar.  Anne wore a French Hood that was quite different.  I have a picture of one below.


The styles will be so much fun to create and I look forwards to seeing them completed.


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