Steampunk Circus

The float for Melina’s Bistro went well, and the costumes for the float were great.  They looked very steampunk, especially the Ringmaster who was portrayed by my friend Anne.  She wore the red coat and top hat that states ringmaster, tied with a turn of the centruy ruffle skirt it make the outfit perfect.

this is Anne beside the float and the sign for a sandwich at Melina’s Bistro.

Then there was the Trapeeze Artist portrayed by my cousin Kayla, she wore all black and flats with feathers, very true to the time with great face makeup to complete the look.

Here is Kayla, very in character of the arialist, she was Melina’s Toss, a delectable salad found only at Melina’s Bistro.

We also had clowns, the one seen below is my Aunt Donna, she wore a costume pieced together from fabric I had around the house, with a wig of yarn and a hat I found with my costume items.

Here she is seen with the sign for the freak show marvel the Fiesta Chicken, which is a panini sandwich served only at Melina’s Bistro.  It is very good.

Last but not least, is the Lion Tammer, me.  I put together this costume from others I had to create the look of the great Lion Tammer’s of the past I found pictures of women who tammed the lions in the 20’s and decided to base my outfit on one specific picture, seen below.

the woman in this picture inspired the one blow…The simplicity of the outfit made it look great, the boots finished the arite, and I still haven’t found my lion, but he is most likely at Melina’s Bistro.

Find The Missing Lion is a drink, it is a Caramel Hazelnut Iced Latte.  Very good and just what is needed for a warm summer day.

Like Melina’s Bistro on face book to see more pictures of the float and the costumes.  Also stay tuned for Renaissance Dress pictures they are getting under way, I have two dresses and a kilt to make this year.  I will be posting more custum costumes on Etsy so keep checking for great designs and looks that will draw even a queen’s attention.

Below is a picture of us all.



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