The 2011 Renaissance Festival

Renaissance 2011

The fest went off without a hitch, and there were no costume malfunctions.  It was a great day at the Fair.  I have pictures below of the great sites, doublets, and gowns of this year’s last day of festivities.  It was fun to see all the beautiful gowns, and experience the fun; I even tried the Mead, very tasty.

I made five costumes for this year’s fair, Anne is in the Blue and Yellow Anne Boleyn gown, Monica is in the Blue Velvet and Purple Satin Lady Jane gown, April is in the Red and Black gown inspired by a portrait of an unknown lady I found, Connor is in a kilt to match close to his families tartan, the costumes were perfect.

From left to right: myself, Anne, April, Monica, and Connor.

The Fair was in a calm hectic state for the last day of the season.  The Joust was divine as was Sir William.  I got some great shots of us around the fair, including these of us with Sir William.


Anne and Sir William,                 Tina (me) and Sir William

Last day at fair brought some great goods and wonderful additions to the previously glorious costumes.  I will be posting price quotes for the custom gowns with pictures of the styles on Etsy, check back soon for the listing.  Ran in to the King and Queen of the Fest, and was greeted with the greatest respect, and greeted them with the same said respect.  They seemed to be enjoying the last day as much as I did.

Queen and King

I stopped at some great shops and had some wonderful food.  The patrons seemed to be as excited about the festivities as the Court and vendors were.  Here are some great pictures of the gowns seen along the way.


the Musketeer and the French Lady


ladies that dance

Jeff (front)


Ladies from the Rest Area we had stopped at on the way to RenFest.

It was a wonderful day at the Renaissance Festival, hope to see many new faces next year.

A great sites to see is the Iron Dragon.

He is a great beast, who likes people to be near him, or pet him, but be ware his breath is hot and smells bad. Oh and don’t get too close when he has a cold, he could singe your shirt.

Anne stopped by to see a man about some wood,

and I took a step into the Jacket shop

From one Renaissance Festival parton to another, “Be of the era, or be not of the era, what ever the casemay be, have an enjoyable day.”


Monica                                       Connor



Anne                                                     Tina


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