Floats, Gowns and Guinea Pigs

Hello to all my fans, it has been one very hectic summer, I have spent the last few months working on the parade float for my Bistro.  I will post some photos bellow, it went well and we took first place in the parade.

I have been busy making two new gowns, on is a Tudor style gown in the style of Queen Mary of England.  I think it will have nice lines when it is done, I have also made a 1300’s peasant dress, much simpler and easy to work in.  I like both of them don’t know where I will wear them but that is not the reason I make them.  I make them because I like to make them.

Lastly I have been experimenting with yarn cozies, they are for sale at Melina’s Bistro, and soon will be for sale at my Etsy shop.  I hope to continue to experiment with different varieties of yarn for various projects, in the end though I am the guinea pig for I always try it first.  I look forward to posting pictures of my projects once they are completed.
These are some images form the parade float for Albany Heritage Day; the theme was Albany goes Hollywood.

the filming of our Melinawood commercial,

the cast and crew of the float and commercial, the skit went over very well.  I think the crowd liked it.

here we are dressed and ready to go.  Thank you all for being so patient with me, but the summer has been great, and the fall will undoubtedly be the same.  And as always there will be more creative ideas to come, here at Tina-rie Studio.


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