Renaisance Costume Show and Tell

I love renaissance gowns and garb.  I thought this would be a great place to show off all the gowns that you and your friends have made for the festivals this year.  So in an attempt to show off your favorite wears.  I am asking you to share them with me and all those who visit my blog and facebook Page.  Either enter them with a link to them in a comment, or share them on my facebook page.  I want to see what is new to the world of costumes.  I look forward to seeing what I may have helped inspire, and hope to get some inspiration from you all as well.
No deadline. this is not a contest, this is a show of talent and design.  Tell me the story behind the costume, and I will be happy to help you if you have a concern about something.  I can give you any tips you would like.  Show off your fancy pieces and tell the world what you have made.  I will post my newest rendition of last years gown later in September when it is done, I hope to see yours before then….   Time to show and tell…


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