My updated Gown, RenFest 2012

There are some pictures of my dress from this years Renaissance Festival, Shakopee, Minnesota.  I hope you like them.

Duchess Monica is in the blue and purple, While Countess Tina wears green bronze and blue.

The day was dusty, but this is the first picture we had taken, so the dresses are the cleanest.

here are some more.

Another shot of the Duchess and Countess.

To Be Noble in the presence of commoners.

Three basic steps To Press a Peasant…

To Press a Peasant.                                Step 1. Find a peasant.

To Press a Peasant                              Step 2. Grovel.

To Press a Peasant                  Step 3. step and Press.

Meeting an Arthurian Legend, or maybe a Templar Knight.


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