Historical Inspriaton

You may look at my gowns and hats, and other items I have pictures of and wonder where I find the ideas and inspirations to make these fine garments and creations.  The truth of it is that I find most of my inspiration in history.  I look at portraits and pictures from Italy to England, from New York to San Fransisco, and with the fashions of the past I tweak and twist, blend and bend the styles to create the image I have in my head.

However most of those images are a combination of some fabric I saw in a store and a portrait or picture I came across on-line.  And that is what it means to design.  Changing something either to improve or alter the style to fit your image.  I am one who will find a pattern that I like, and then I will change it to be what I love.  My green dress is a great example of this.

I can’t lace up my own gown when it laces in the back, and I like having room to grow, which I don’t think back lacing allows.  So I put my lacing down the side so that there is room to grow into the gown, and I can lace the gown up myself.

However I do find that it is much easier to get dressed when some one else is helping you.  Those Tudor gowns were not easy to get into or out of.  I commend all those women who wore them, and all those who wear them to fairs and for films and plays.  It is a taxing duty and those who still do it, manage to do so with grace and beauty.

Personally I love the gowns, not only making them, but the history behind them, the grace and elegance of them, and lastly the sheer beauty of them and the way all who wear them seem to look more beautiful in them.

Now to move to move away from Nobility and Royalty, I am making Pirate Clothing, and I have been studying the 1700’s for styles and inspiration to make what would be most accurate.  I have also been studying films made in the last twenty years to get popular styles as well.  I have taken a few patterns and started to make some vests, they seem to have the accurate style and shape.  But to be true I am most looking forward to making the jackets of the time.  I will make at least one “Red Coat” jacket, I like the challenge of creating such a garment that at one time shook the ideals of this country of mine, and what is even more fun it putting it on a pirate, for the pirate would have taken it from the soldier, and thus show a defeat of one of King George’s men.  I like that idea, however that is only one jacket,  I have others in my idea box, and can’t wait to get started.

Now moving to the late 1800’s, I love the turn of the century styles, or what we call Steam-punk style, I am working on some late 1800’s to early 1900’s outfits.  The inspiration for this dress is mostly a tin photo I have of my Great-great-grandmother, the photo was taken circa. 1890 in Norway.  She is pregnant at the time with her first daughter Berta.  She is wearing this beautiful striped dress.  I just love the lines, in the dress.  After seeing the photo I wanted to have a dress with stripes like that.  I also love the styles that Tim Burton puts in his films.  So taking all these inspirations I have decided to start making Steam-punk fashions and jewelry.  I hope to have more stuff on my Etsy shop by the end of the month, but it may take a little longer to get everything organized.   I hope you enjoy what I have already posted.



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