It is time for me to think Renaissance Festival.  I know, I know, it is four months away, but when you have to make something for it, then it is a whole different ball game.  I am going to the Renaissance Festival this year on the Carnival Themed weekend.  Thus I am going to make my self a few masks to wear with my costume.  Since I am doing this, and I like making masks, I have decided to make some for my Etsy Shop.  I am working on one now.  I don’t know what I want mine to look like, so I am going to make some and see which style I like best.  However, I may just find that I like them all, that does happen when you just can’t say good bye to something.  But I love to make things, and I love masks, so with a great season of costumes, masks and renaissance festivals just around the corner,  I am getting ready.  Below is a snap shot of one that is in progress.  I can’t wait till it is done.  I look forward to seeing how it will look.


I will post a finished picture when it is done.


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