A Glimpse of Sunwashed Prairie

My spring/summer 2014 line of clothing will be called…

Sunwahsed Prairie

I have started on my new line and have posted several photo’s on Instagram  http://instagram.com/tinariestudio .



I hope you enjoy the quick glimpse of my new line.  It is coming together nicely.  I have been working for a couple of weeks on the new designs.  I am trying to get more skirts for a new and I hope beautiful spring with lots of sun and warm weather to break the winter blues.  I love snow, and I am enjoying it as much as a person can from inside a house where it is nice and warm.

Now that the bitter cold has passed I glad and hopeful that it may finally be nice enough out side for a person to actually enjoy the winter months.  But I always say that you should enjoy every season for without one the others would not exist.  So while the snow is piling up outside I will be sewing up a storm and creating masterpiece after masterpiece to have ready for photo’s when the snow finally decided to melt.  Until then these are a few shots of what I have done so far.  For more photos please follow me on Instagram.




As you can see the snow is almost gone.  Can’t wait for a warm up to get me out in the grass.


Thank you for taking the time to stop and see what is new at Tina-rie Studio.


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