Elegant Summer

New and old collide to bring a combination line of Alabaster and Lace, Copper and Twigs, Elegance in Time, Moonlight MasqueradeIMG_0168 and Sunwashed Prairie.

I give you Elegant Summer, my combined line in images.

IMG_0160above on Jacinta (standing) is elegantly dressed in the Rosemary over the Midnight Blue Wrap Sash tank and A walk in the Garden District Skirt.  Mickey (sitting) gracefully dons a plaid Rosemary edged with lace and embellished with white raw edge ruffles.  Over a yellow lace back tank and A Lady of Atlanta skirt.  These items are available or will soon be available at http://www.tinariestudio.etsy.com.

IMG_0155Jacinta in the ans-amble.

IMG_0163 Mickey above sits in graceful elegance dressed in her outfit listed earlier in this blog post.

IMG_0168Tina (above, me) sits dressed for tea in this Rosemary jacket, sleeves finished with bedspread fringe neck line finished with vintage lace trim and finished with back vintage lace ties. This jacket is over a long white gauze top embellished with blue lace and the Going to St. Louis skirt.

And of course we love to have fun, so here are a few pictures of us enjoying the photo shoot.







more items on etsy




IMG_0145now for some more lounging wearIMG_0148above Mickey (left, standing) is wearing a pair of plaid homespun bloomers called “Valley Golf Girl Bloomers” and a beautiful tank top called “Victorian Lady Lace Tank in Antique Butter Yellow”.  Jacinta (center) is sporting the Boho Railway Skirt in gray, with “A Dash of Sass Tank” which is white accented with pink ruffles.  Tina (right) is looking fashionable in “Southern Sophistication Bloomers” beautifully embellished white bloomers along with “A Classic Lady Beach Day Tank” which is a white tank featuring antique lace straps, buttons down the front and a cinched lace waistline.




here is wearing “Passion Fruit Ladies Lace Tank”

IMG_0208and “Passion Fruit and Kiwi Lace Ruffled Bloomers”


IMG_0217Is wearing “Hippi Girl Lace Strap Tank” and a pair of “Her Gibson Girl Bloomers”


IMG_0224is wearing a pair of “Cabana Bloomers” Alabaster on Alabaster, and “A Ladies Lace Tank in Surf”





IMG_0259Sports a rendition of the Stagecoach Ridding Ruffled Jacket, this one in cream homespun accented with extra wide off white lace and a “Goldrush Glamping Sleepset”


Here Tina looks radiant in “Fringed and Fancy” top, and

IMG_0248the “Fringed Hippi Girl Pants” that are alabaster with supper extra wide fringed edge lace as well as fabulous pockets made with the same lace.

IMG_0242Jacinta rocks the “Cabana Beach Tank Top” main color of Sea Spray with the accent of Prairie Rose, the bloomers are a beautiful pair of “At Lace’s Edge Bloomers”

IMG_0241Mickey lounges in a pair of “Ocean Coast Bloomers” main color Sunshine, accent Mountain Bliss.  Her top is “Prairie Lady Lace Tank of Sunwashed Prairie”

IMG_0233this is a picture of all of us together on the “Big Ass Pillows” (pattern available at http://www.sweetgirlstudio.etsy.com

IMG_0264Here is Tina (left) dawning the “Willow Wind Lace Jacket”, and Mickey (right) in a “Stagecoach Ridding Ruffled Jacket” over “Alice’s Tea Time Tee” along with “Prairie Girl Lace Skirt”

IMG_0268Jacinta blossoms in this sporty yet wonderfully comfortable “Aqua Stripe Layering Sweater” which is layered over ” Prairie Lady Lace Tank of Sunwashed Prairie”


IMG_0269Here you can also see Jacinta has on the “Oh Ruffle My Feathers Ruffled Shorts”


Above are three great pictures of Mickey wearing another version of the “Stagecoach Ridding Ruffled Jacket”, this one is in Palm Leaf Green and with floral green and orange flowers on cream background.IMG_0289

Tina looks dashing in this “Flapper Girl Fringed Overlay” that is all lace, it is ruffled and has a floral pattern on it that ends in fringe.


Above Jacinta Styles the “London Bound Plaid Jacket”

IMG_0297IMG_0300IMG_0306IMG_0309IMG_0307Tina dawns a great version of the “Stagecoach Ridding Ruffled Jacket” this one in cream plaid edged with three rows of narrow ruffles and closes with lace.


I would like to thank my models

IMG_0150They did such a great job bringing my clothing to life

IMG_0193Making all the styles look so wonderful, and comfortable.

IMG_0227I would also like to thank Melany Zimmer, my most fabulous Photographer. Who’s creativity and amazing eye lead to these magnificent images.  Without her I would have no images to place upon this page.


After all the thank you’s I would like to thank my followers.  All these items will be available by August 10, 2015 at my etsy shoppe, http://www.tinariestudio.etsy.com

Thank you and have a wonderful day.



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