Prairie Symphony…the inspiration

I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve hardly had any time to design. My sister is about to have a baby (any day now she was due June 7), my dad was in a farm accident last November., (He lost his leg, survived and is excited to be a grandfather), I’ve been trying to get through it all and in an attempt to de-stress my super tence self I picked up Elizabeth (one of my violins). With the elegance of the music and the calm that I felt I was inspired to draw. From these sketches came the new line Prairie Symphony. I was given great comfort with the notes and their beauty and so here I give back to you all the product of that calm.

The tranquility of Symphony no. 7

A gentle sway in time with the horns and strings carry me across the prairie.

Symphony no. 2

Bold and ambitious this Symphony greets me in the tall grass. The wind catching the blades to make them dance.

Symphony no 7 and my dear Elizabeth.

Symphony no. 1

A flirt of a thing, delicate and imaginative, this one inspires me to run through the tall grass and climb the largest trees.

And yet with each note I can see the styles take shape, the ruffles dance before my eyes like colors in the wind, the fabric caresses me like a blade of grass and I find myself surrounded by a Prairie Symphony.

Embrace the lace

and the music,


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